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Clumber Spaniel and baby

Clumber Spaniel and baby


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Dogs 101 - Clumber Spaniel

For more, visit http://animal.discovery.com/tv/dogs-101/#mkcpgn=ytapl1 | Meet the clumber spaniel. Big, beautiful, and loaded with personality.

AKC's Meet the Clumber Spaniel

Clumbers are powerful bird dogs of heavy bone, built long and low, with a massive head. They're primarily white, with sparse lemon or orange markings. Built to ...

Clumber Grooming Tutorial

Professional tips & techniques for grooming ears, feet, and hocks on the Clumber spaniel.

Clumber Spaniels

Jewel undaunted.

Working Clumber Spaniel

This film was made to show the working qualities of the Clumber Spaniel, Although not the speediest of spaniels they were highly prized as game finders.

Clumber Spaniel - Top 10 Facts

The Clumber Spaniel dog breed was originally created to find and retrieve game birds for hunters. There are TOP 10 interesting facts about Clumber Spaniel.

Clumber Spaniels

Squidge power.

Clumber Spaniel Karlsson \

Karlsson is playing with his football and eating some dandelions :o)

6 month old Clumber Spaniel, Chester! | Off-Leash K9 Training London

Check out Chester, the six month old Clumber Spaniel! He's a reformed: food scavenger, jumper, leash puller and selective hearing bad boy! He is now ...

The Clumber Spaniel \

Karlsson always start woooo wooooing when taking picture or filming him.



Clumber Spaniels

Jewel and the doorstop.

Clumber Spaniels

oh what Clumbers do.

Crufts 2017 | Best of Breed winner Ralph Dunne and clumber spaniel Eldridge

Best of Breed winner Ralph Dunne and clumber spaniel Eldridge. Catch all the action from Crufts 2017 by following the live stream at youtube.com/crufts.

Breed All About It - Clumber Spaniel

The Clumber spaniel possesses a keen hunting instinct as well as a loyal and affectionate nature.

Clumber Spaniel responds to \

original video: http://youtu.be/S7znI_Kpzbs.

Crufts 2013 Clumber Spaniels Best of Breed - Passed Vetinary Check


Working Clumber Spaniel Society

The Working Clumber Spaniel Society get together each year at the Game Fair and demonstrate the Clumber Spaniels has a working breed. There is a false ...

Clumber Spaniel, Cocker Spaniel & Newfoundland Dogs playing- August 2011

Clumber Spaniel, Cocker Spaniel & Newfoundland Dogs playing- August 2011.

The Cutest Clumber Spaniel Puppies

Ahhh, a pup's life! Enjoy a day of fun with these Clumber Spaniel puppies. Learn more about the Clumber Spaniel: ...

Clumber Spaniel Puppy Clickertraining

Anna-Elizabeth of Those That Do during a training session.

Westminster breed: Clumber Spaniel

More videos: http://tinyurl.com/ygdon6f/ One of a series of videos highlighting the different breeds from the Hudson Valley competing in this year's Westminster ...

Clumber Spaniel / Dog Breed

It's unknown as to how the Clumber Spaniel came to existence but according to today's predominant point of view it was bred by sportsmen and gamekeepers in ...

Clyde - Clumber Spaniel Puppy - 4 Weeks Residential Dog Training

Trained by Samantha Carrington-West - www.adolescentdogs.com.

Clumber Spaniels out for a walk

Freddie and Magwitch out for a walk at Reersoe.



Dogs 101 Clumber Spaniel


The Clumber Spaniel


Clumber Spaniel Puppy Hiding His Toys

Our clumber spaniel puppy, Tucker, is seven months old. One of his favorite places to be is on the couch. If you watch this video to the end you will see his secret ...

Clumber Spaniel hunting quail

My Clumber Spaniel hunting quail.

14 Interesting Things You Should Know About Clumber Spaniel




Cocker Spaniel, Clumber Spaniel & Newfoundland in the pool

Cocker Spaniel, Clumber Spaniel & Newfoundland in the pool.

clumber spaniel puppies


Clumber Spaniel holds toy in mouth during pedicure

An absolutely adorable moment is caught on camera when 4-year-old Wilma preciously holds an elephant stuffed animal in her mouth during a visit to the spa.

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